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Social Networks, the Struggle

Here's what on your mind: I've disappeared for weeks, even months, and now I'm posting two days in a row. What the hell is happening? oO Yeah well, don't worry, I'm asking myself the same thing... but I just kinda miss LJ (although it's not quite the same not that almost all my friends deserted it). And that's also the point of this post.

As you may have noticed over the years, I'm pretty much on all social networks that you can find, even though I actually use them quite irregularly. Here's the reason why: I always find some good points and bad points on all of them, which is why I go from one to another without ever dropping them off.

The advantage of doing that is that I can then enjoy every single positive thing I find in each of them... but the downside (which is far from being negligible) is that my followers won't follow me from one place to another. And I can understand that because I myself have a hard time trying to follow you guys too.

Anyhow, I just wanted to list the +/- of all the social networks I'm a member of, so here's as much of a good place as any other. (Also, my LJ is probably the one which is the messier, so the best place to put this. XD)

LivejournalCollapse )

TwitterCollapse )

TumblrCollapse )

FacebookCollapse )

InstagramCollapse )

PinterestCollapse )

BlogspotCollapse )

WordpressCollapse )

DreamwidthCollapse )

Okay, I'm actually tired of typing this already (I have no idea how the hell I used to do that so regularly, long posts with pictures, links and stuffs), so I'll add some more tomorrow (or later).
Did I miss one? I have an account on so many websites that I can't remember all of them...
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Hi there! It's been forever, and I'm not sure if anyone is still following me here.
(Oh, just checked, and it's been almost two years since I've last posted here.)


Well, not sure if I'm really coming back here, but I'm gonna be around on LJ, mostly for communities. Speaking of which, I thought I would announce it here first, but I've opened a new community (it's been a while, ne?) to share AAA videos. You know, everything I uploaded here on my journal long ago (and more) that died when MU died.

(Unrelated gif, but it felt empty without images and I love this gif so...)

You might find it odd to do that at that particular time, especially because you may know I'm not really following them anymore. (Okay, I happen to actually know what's happening because I'm following a couple of AAA fans on Tumblr, and I spend my life there so...) But the thing is, I've accumulated tons of AAA stuffs over the years (it's like my 5 and 1/2 anniversary in the fandom), and it's a waste not to share them when you know it's really hard to find decent quality footage in such a small (online) fanbase. So yeah, I had some free time and started uploading stuffs again.

For those interested, it's there → AAA PARADISE.

Well, I've contacted already like half of you guys to beta-members, but for the others whom I may have forgotten of just didn't contacted because they weren't active in the fandom anymore, here's the announcement. It's still in beta-mode actually, because I have a couple of stuffs to fix before officially opening it.

Also, membership is moderated. I'm going on vacations starting from tomorrow and am only coming back on the 21st, so I may not approve anyone until then, but feel free to submit your application anyway. I have 4G on my phone so I will be able to read mails and comments even if I'm not at home, but it's not easy to navigate on LJ from my phone, so no approval until I'm back. Sorry. Not sure anyone is still around to read this anyway.

Also, I was thinking of opening it this weekend initially, but stuffs came up and I didn't get everything ready in time, so it will be when I'm back. Maybe the end of the month, so if you apply now, you'll get early access. ;)

(Well, I love this gif as well, so one more. XD)

See ya~♥ (← You missed that, right? XD)


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Gifspam ♥ AAA 6th Anniversary Live

Hey guys, it's been a very long time right ? (I'm too afraid to check out when was my last entry. ><*)
Well, this is actually not the entry I was supposed to write since the beginning of January, but here's one to help you wait for my next post, which might now arrive in another few months... XD Well, I hope sooner but I can't promise it. ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭


Anyway, why am I here for ?
I guess most of you (well, the AAA fans among my LJ-friends) have watched the extracts we got from their 6th Anniversary. Some of these videos inspired me to make some gifs (long time too, right ? :D), so here am I !
I'm too lazy to make a review or something, and also too lazy to actually make all the gifs I'd like to make because there are loads of moments I loved and the quality of the video is not good enough (it's kinda greyish all the time). T^T

Oh, I'm just going to add that I'm really considering buying this DVD as soon as I get money because I really enjoyed most of the performances that have been out already ! (ノ^▽^)ノ♥

But, let's start with THE video that inspired me for this post : SHEの事実
Actually I've got this idea while we were talking with spifle and having fun about that moment. It's some kind of short story for a moment of the performance. (Well, this is especially for pro-Nicchi, but I guess you all could enjoy that. ;D)

Wanna have fun ?Collapse )

And, the other video that I absolutely wanted to make gifs from : MUSIC!!!
Well, there's only a bunch of gifs under the cut because it's already 2AM and I don't know what to write. ^-^

The Gifspammer is baaack ! (Temporarily)Collapse )

Aaaaand... that will be all for today ! I hope I'll be motivated enough to make another post soon, and maybe some more gifs from the 6th Anniversary (or maybe the Buzz Communication Tour since I've finally watched it about two days ago).

Or maybe not. So for now... See ya~♥
« If you make your life fun, gravity goes away. » ~ 重力ピエロ

9/11 or the day my Kiwi became an adult.

Hey guys, I'm here again. ♥ And, as I'm writing this, Djokovic just won over Federer on the US Open semi-final.
A bit sad about it, but excited at the same time. Just hope he'll win on the final as well ! *O*
But this is not the reason why I'm writing this entry so soon after the previous one.


It's because today is an important day. YES ! My dear Kiwi upgraded from hatachi to adult. *throws confetti*
(Though I'm not exactly sure about that since here in France, we're considered as adults starting from 18yo. ^^)

(I think that as time goes by, I become more and more inspired for birthday gifs. XD)

I hope you'll get lots of presents, delicious cakes and most of all a wonderful day. ♥
Here we go for another year spamming about AAA, Aya Kamiki and Masaki (our major common fandoms XD) !


And with this lovely day, we're back again for long weeks without posts here. — See ya~♥
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Guess who became a Slytherin ?

Hey guys ! Is anyone around there although most of us already went back to school ?
Yes, I'm back to school as well but I have a quite light timetable (only 22h per week ^^).

Also, going back to school means that my American TV series are coming back with the new seasons ! *O*
Supernatural S7, The Big Bang Theory S5, CSI:NY S8, NCIS S9, How I Met Your Mother S7.

Oh ! I finally got into Pottermore ! And guess what ? I'm a Slytherin ! XD
Well, actually, I kinda got bored quickly on Pottermore. Just had to go until the Sorting Hat though. Maybe it gets better after with the potions stuffs and so on, but short after I've been sorted, the website was down so I'll try that another day.

Added to my to-read list : The Hunger Games & Percy Jackson.
Anyone has already read them and has an opinion (positive or negative) about those two series ?
(I ask that, but as far as I remember, each time I asked about books, I didn't get so many answers. XD)

Oh by the way, today's Aya Kamiki's 26th Birthday ! ♥

I'm posting that here also because I didn't take enough time to update @oneday_onegif lately.
By the way, I'm sorry about that, because it's mostly because of laziness that it's dead there.
(You know, there are only a few members on that community and that means I usually only got one or two comments each time -and half of them are not even related to the gifs themselves- so it doesn't really give motivation to make new gifs and post. On the other hand, when I post on Tumblr, you got likes and reblogs -and a few times messages- so I like updating there more than here, though I'm also a bit lazy there as well sometimes.)
I'll try to go and update it soon though. ;)

Well, I think that's all for today. (One of my rare entries that doesn't need a cut ! O_O)
Hope to see you soon around there. — See ya~♥
« If you make your life fun, gravity goes away. » ~ 重力ピエロ

Hey guys ! It's been a very long time, right ? I know you missed my long posts.
I really wanted to post before but ended up being way too lazy -and you know I'm usually already very very lazy- to do it. Also, as I mostly post about japanese related stuffs on my LJ, and as I'm not so much into Japanese stuffs lately, I didn't really know what to post. D8
But as I'm going back to school next week and will probably even more lazy to post, I had to post something. XD

So, as you'd have guessed (or if you have read the title -that I know not so much do until I point it out), this is going to be random (once again), very long (again) and full of nonsense (as usual). And a lot about my life, might it be online or IRL.

It's been so long since I last posted a random entry that I don't even know what to write. XD

But let's start with everything happening IRL...Collapse )

In the meantime, online... You know I live on Tumblr lately. There's one thing that annoys me more than anything else.
That may be one of the reasons they created the photoset thing. Even if it's great sometimes, it doesn't always help.

#savesilys #savesilys #savesilys #savesilys #savesilys #savesilys #savesilys

And so, let's move to what's happening online.Collapse )

Oh, I'll end with that : I've talked about Brittany. (Best part of France :B) — Let's share some music with you guys.
(You probably won't understand since she's singing in Breton, I don't either actually, but still like the song.)

Well, I think you'll have to wait for quite a long time before I post again. D8
Back to school + Tumblr's life + Laziness + IRL = LJ-Fail // Hope to see you around soon though. See ya~♥
« If you make your life fun, gravity goes away. » ~ 重力ピエロ





Comments used to be allowed to anonymous users before, then restricted to registered users, but since LJ seems to be invaded with spam and I'm sick of receiving those every day, it's now restricted to friends only.

For people who would like one of the stuffs which used to be able to download on my entries, don't hesitate to send me a direct message, or contact me on Tumblr or Twitter. :)


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